Crystal Quest Water Filters

Whole House Water Filters

Grade D+

Crystal Quest - Triple Big Heavy Duty Whole House Filter

System is not NSF Certified -- published system testing data not available. Chlorine reduction not listed, but system has a high flow rate listed. Low system capacity requires frequent replacement of cartridges with high ongoing costs.

Not NSF Certified
Chlorine Reduction
Not Listed
$160,000 gallons
Per Gallon
< 1¢
Flow Rate
6-8 GPM
System Features
No Loss in Water Pressure No Electricity Required Dual-Tank Design
No Backwashing Required Published Performance Data Easy Replacement
Other Benefits: 30-day less shipping charges satisfaction guarantee, Limited 1-year warranty

Shower Filters

Grade B+

Crystal Quest - Luxury Shower Power

Unknown chlorine reduction. Down flow design is less optimal for water pressure and shower height. Long filter life, but backflushing recommended to prevent clogging. Unknown gallon capacity.

Cost Performance
< 1¢
1 year (gallons unknown)
Flow Rate
2.5 GPM
Chlorine % ReductionShower Filter Features
? Upflow Design Carbon KDF
Other Benefits: 30-day satisfaction guarantee, 1-year warranty

Water Softeners

Grade B-

Crystal Quest - Water Softener (CQE-WH-01123)

Salt-based system. Not eco-friendly. Excess salt waste makes system hard on environment. No loss in water pressure, but does require electricity and backwashing. Ongoing maintenance and salt replacement necessary.

Cost Performance
Flow Rate
11 GPM
Water Softener Features
Scale Removal Maintains Water Pressure Ease of Use
No Electricity Required No Backwashing Required Limited Maintenance Required
Other Benefits: 10 year(Tank); 5 Year (Computer Monitored control valves) warranty