System Price$3,450.00
CertificationNot NSF Certified
Chlorine ReductionNot Listed
Capacity5 years
Cost Per Gallon< 1¢
Flow Rate10 GPM

System is not NSF Certified -- published system testing data not available. Chlorine reduction not listed, but system has a high flow rate listed. Long lasting system, but no replacement tank available. Must buy new system.

System Features
No Loss in Water Pressure No Electricity Required Dual-Tank Design
No Backwashing Required Published Performance Data Easy Replacement


The Natural Home MG-10 offers point-of-entry chemical filtration performance for homes and small businesses, effectively reducing a broad spectrum of contaminants for 5 or more years depending on source water quality. All materials are tested to NSF, FDA, or UL standards for product safety.
Effectively Reduces:

Chlorine, Chloramines, Tastes and Odors
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
Trihalomethanes (THMs)
Heavy Metals
Iron & Hydrogen Sulfide


Fleck 5600 SXT Valve
An automatic backwash valve that regenerates the system every 4 days, flushing out contaminants and extending filter life. Comes pre-programmed and can easily be adjusted to meet your needs.

Stainless Steel Tank
A 304L 14 gauge stainless steel tank coated internally to add resistance to chemical pitting and corrosion.

Mediaguard with KDF 85
Patented mediaguard system uses 4 parallel chambers containing KDF 85 media. Mediaguard technology allows KDF to backwash properly with as little as 4 gpm, increasing life of the media and preventing fusing. This stage effectively breaks down chlorine and chloramines, reduces iron, hydrogen sulfide, and heavy metals, controls microorganism growth in potable water and substantially increases carbon peformance and life.

Mixed Carbon
One cubic foot 70/30 mix of centaur and coconut shell activated carbon for superior reduction of chlorine, chloramines, THMs, VOCs, heavy metals, tastes and odors.

Filter Bed (Sand, Gravel, Garnet)
The last three stages provide a stable filter bed to prevent filter media from escaping the system. Also reduces particulates, trapping sediment and other foreign debris from entering the home.


Filtration Media Mediaguard with KDF 85, 1 cubic ft Mixed Carbon, Filter Sand, Garnet, and Gravel
Max Flow Rate 10 gpm
Pressure Range 40 - 100 psi
Dimensions/Weight 11" D x 56" H | 130 lbs
Connections In/Out 1" Male NPT | Drain 0.5" Barbed
Power AC 110v, 60 Hz (220v, 50Hz optional)
Operating Temperature 40 F - 150 F
Rated System Life 5 or more years
Product Warranty 3 Years Mechanical

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